Joe Guidice ‘Worried’ About His And Teresa’s Daughters While Away In Italy – Here’s Why!

Apr 12, 2020 7:58 PM PDT



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In the aftermath of his father in law’s passing, Joe Giudice is apparently more worried about his four daughters than ever! As you know, the man is currently stuck in Italy, while his ex, Teresa is back home in New Jersey with the girls, getting help only from her brother, Joe Gorga.

That being said, while he takes comfort his brother in law is there for Teresa and the girls, he still wishes he could be with them, of course.

Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are well aware that Teresa’s father Giacinto has passed away and now, she is left virtually alone with the kids amid the quarantine.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Joe Giudice always worries about Teresa and his daughters because he isn’t there, but he knows Joe Gorga is there if Teresa needs anything. Her brother is really her rock in a lot of ways with their dad now gone and Joe [Giudice] not being around, it’s kind of brought them closer together.’

Giacinto had been struggling with his health for a while so Teresa and her brother, while heartbroken to lose him, were also relieved he was done suffering.

The source noted that the family broke their social isolation for a bit just to give Giacinto a proper send-off.

The source went on to tell the same news outlet that ‘The Gorgas have been with Melissa Gorga‘s family — including her sisters and mother — and their kids and spouses, while Teresa and the girls were at their home. Joe Gorga is back with wife Melissa and her family now.’

Of course, because of the coronavirus outbreak, they were not able to have a massive memorial as they might have wished.


Instead, they organized a small family gathering during which the Giudice and Gorga kids, all dressed in black, released doves as a way to honor their grandfather.

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