Marco Polo – Intro Lyrics

Keep it up for Marco Polo
Yo! Somebody say what’s up Marco (what’s up Marco)
Say what’s up Marco (what’s up Marco)
Say what’s up Marco (what’s up Marco)
Say do your thang (do your thang)
Like I want y’all say
Yo and I you know I’m saying this on rack
Marco Polo got beats
You know what I’m saying
You checking out Marco Polo beats
What? Ladies and gentlemen
Today we bring to you
Marco Polo on the beat
Beats beats galore
Beats that you never even heard before

Now if you say you heard my beats, we’re gonna have to fight
Cause I just made the motherf*ckers up last night
Who’s that fella providing the sound (MP)
With the rough instrumental (MP)
Providing the sound (MP)
With the rough instrumental (MP)
Givin you that off the wall hip hop
To ya ear
Today we bring to you
Newport Authority 2
Is all for you
I thought you knew
This is how we do
Newport Authority 2 y’all!
Marco! Let’s go!

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