NeNe Leakes Has A Few Things She Wanted To Get Off Her Chest Following The RHOA Virtual Reunion

May 11, 2020 12:35 PM PDT



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NeNe Leakes had a few words for the RHOA fans and she made sure to share a few words on Twitter and she also posted a fresh pic on her IG account. Check out what NeNe made sure to tell the RHOA enthusiasts on Twitter below.

NeNe also shared a photo of herself on social media as well

YES my reads are written down and rehearsed! REMEMBER I’m elderly, menopausal and have nooooo fuckin memory! In my younger days i sat on couch and read you bitches from the top of my WIG and have the most ICONIC READS TO DATE!

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) May 11, 2020

A follower said: ‘I believe Kandi needs 2 be fired bcuz she only push her businesses on us, I think she needs 2 stay home with her babies.’

Someone else posted: ‘I said the same thing. She use the show to promote her business. Kenya tried but can’t get hers off the ground. Selling her hrai product at Sally’s.’

A commenter wrote: ‘NeNe, keep doing you. I’ve been rocking with you since the showed air from day one. The difference is you dont hide what you need or want to say. You have always been genuine. So ignore the ones that can’t handle your truth or your personality. Be blessed, stay blessed.’

I tried to tell the people about Kandi alooooooong time ago. She is #snakegate always has been. Quick to spill someone else’s tea but near death when you spill hers. She and Kenya has one of those agreements and they used Cynthia to come after NeNe. Just watch you’ll see.

— Yuaketha McIver (@butterfli2002) May 11, 2020

A Twitter user noted: ‘You were sweating around the clavicles by the first half-hour. You may need to find another hustle outside the show. This “spiritual journey” while arguing with the girls on WIFI when you can’t take what you’ve been putting out the past 13 years is not securing a bag.’

View this post on Instagram

Morning vibessss! I’ve already pushed thru a lot of my day! Interviews DONE✅ House cleaned✅ therapy✅ up next: this this & this

A post shared by Nene Leakes (@neneleakes) on May 11, 2020 at 8:38am PDT

Someone else brought up Eva Marcille and said: ‘I’m about tired of Eva trying to come for people of color. First it was Shamia talking about her dark skin then the nappy hair and now old lady she still reaching. This green-eyed monster better hope she can last long as Nene! She should hope to make it back next year!!’


What do you think about what NeNe had to say and about the RHOA Virtual Reunion?

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