Wendy Williams Slams Gavin Rossdale Over His Comments About His ‘Tricky’ Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani Amid COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020 1:48 AM PDT



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Source: dailymail.co.uk

It sounds like Wendy Williams is on Gwen Stefani’s side in this! After her ex, Gavin Rossdale, complained about how challenging co-parenting with Gwen has been amid the quarantine, the talk show host could not help but drag him on her ‘from home’ YouTube show.

Gavin suggested that co-parenting the three boys amid a pandemic is quite a ‘dilemma’ but obviously, Wendy thinks differently.

A couple of days ago, while on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk, Gavin described parenting as ‘tricky’ since he is not aware who his sons with Gwen are ‘prone’ to in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As you may know, the kids have been with Gwen and Blake Shelton for a while.

In reaction to the interview, Wendy said that ‘I had no idea they were still fighting like this. Gavin, you need to pipe down and go along with what your ex says.’

Wendy stressed that Gwen and Blake have to take responsibility for the young ones as well.

‘If you’re really an unselfish man, you let your ex-wife have the kids during this quarantine. We love dads, but moms are the No. 1 parent, so why don’t you just drop the kids off at the house,’ she went on to advise Gavin.

At this point in time, Gwen has not reacted to her ex’s comments.

During the interview, Gavin explained how co-parenting has changed since the global health crisis.


As for what exactly he said, Gavin told Eddie that: ‘I did the first two weeks with [my kids], then they went to Oklahoma. They are on a 10,000 acre lot. I think it’s okay for now, but it’s a real big dilemma for parents and kids who split custody. I know who’s around me and know who’s bringing the corona — no one — but you send your kids out somewhere else and now they’re coming back to you, and now you’re prone to whoever they’re with so it’s a tricky one with all divorced parents.’

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